Holiday Games

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You should need 6 filler activities between the 26 letters. For example, every 6 weeks put in a holiday game or other activity.


Smashing Pumpkins– Dodgeball set up with two opposing teams facing each other over the half court line or midline. Place 5-6 cones on each side (about midway maybe freethrow line) with a small plastic pumpkin  or small orange foam ball. I use a tiny pumpkin baskets I got at the dollar store. And we use our modified dodgeball rules to try to knock off the other teams pumpkins. I always tell my kids that if the pumpkin falls off then it cannot be picked back up.. Smashed! We also talk about how we can only do this in P.E. because real pumpkins are not to be smashed.  

Halloween Ride: relay lines

Each team will have a cat (bean bag) and a witch’s broom (hockey stick). They will pretend that they are riding on a broom stick with their cat behind them. Student will race “fly” around the cones and back.


  • Any Turkey can Tango -Rhythmic Dance Any Turkey can Tango
  • Read the book: T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving…Dav Pilkey and then stations that go with the book…Twas the night before Thanksgiving
  • Pilgrims Vs Indians-Give the students a short history lesson about the first Thanksgiving. After the first dinner they went out into the field a played a game of Dodgeball.


St. Patricks-Lucky Clover

Easter- Plastic eggs with exercises in them. May need to do pictures instead of words.

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